Financial Tech

The Fintech and payment space has skyrocketed in Nigeria over the past decade. Providing access for individuals and businesses to affordable and convenient financial services like banking, payments and credit is a huge step towards development, financial inclusion and financial stability.

Nigeria is Africa’s most populous country and is expected to hit a population of 400 million people by 2050. This will make it the third most populous country in the world. With these numbers and a 35% of the population unbanked only technology can help to provide financial services to Kwara State and the entire country. The northern region of Kwara State in particular has a very high percentage of unbanked and we are committed to bringing affordable banking services to the region.

This focus area supports SDGs 8 & 9

Do you have the next big idea ?

We are willing to back and support the best and brightest ideas in Kwara State that not only solve our local problems but are scalable and have commercial potential.


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