Emerging Tech

The world is quickly changing and so is the definition of modern technology. Several new technologies have gained popularity and have been adopted across several spheres of life like blockchain, 3D printing, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, object & facial recognition and many more. These technologies have become the icing on any innovation cake by making systems and devices more smarter and more intelligent.

The emergence of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and smart applications are examples of how these new technologies are paving the way for the societies of tomorrow.

We will look at ways in which some of these technologies can be utilised to make the life of Kwarans better and push Ilorin towards becoming a Smart City.

This focus area supports SDG 9

Do you have the next big idea ?

We are willing to back and support the best and brightest ideas in Kwara State that not only solve our local problems but are scalable and have commercial potential.


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